Monday, January 11, 2010

Should You Be Buying a Micro Laptop?

Micro laptops are the latest entrant in the highly competitive laptop market. They are filled to the gills with technology and their sizes are a dream. They are extremely compact but that in no way deters them from having everything you desire from a PC. But should you be investing your hard-earned money in buying a Mini laptop at a price that cannot be exactly considered cheap? The answer is yes if what you are looking for is a computing system that is the ultimate in portability and can be taken anywhere. It can even be fit into your purse or a small case.

Don't confuse a Mini laptop with a normal laptop or even a netbook. It is neither. Traditional laptops use a lot more power than a Micro laptop. They are also much bigger in size. Though a traditional laptop is portable, they are a bit difficult to carry everywhere because of their weight and size. Netbooks, on the other hand are pretty small but they are of much lower quality than Micro laptops. Their processors are not very fast and reliable nor do they have a lot of power. A good Mini laptop usually comes with all the trappings you can expect from a desktop PC.

A Mini laptop is something you should buy if you want a system that will enable you to surf the internet, instant message, email, do word processing, listen to music and organize your photos on the go. Most big brands have their own range of Micro laptops available.

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