Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Make Your Slow Running Laptop Faster in Minutes

Wonder why your laptop runs more and more slowly? Want to speed up your laptop in minutes? Some users may ask professional to fix it. You know, the expense that it cost you can almost get you a totally new laptop! To be honest, to fix a slow running computer is not as difficult as you think and problem can be fixed once you get the proper solution for it. Here comes the questions that how to fix a slow running PC run faster easily?

Why your laptop is running slowly

#1. Redundant programs in booting items. Many users do not realize that redundant programs in booting items can also slow down your PC running.
#2. Lack of RAM on your laptop. The running of a laptop needs certain RAM and if your laptop is lack of RAM, PC will not run as fast as you wish.
#3. Do not update your system for a long time. You know that system update can perfect our computer system and enhance PC performance. If you forget to update timely, PC is surely getting slow.
#4. Without the protection of security program. Security program is necessary for maintaining your PC security. The use of it can not only make your PC run faster, but also keep it in safe.

How to fix your slow running PC easily

#1. Reduce programs that added in your booting items to as many as possible. You will be surprised by the booting performance after doing this.
#2. Add extra memory on your laptop immediately. Sufficient RAM is the guarantee of your PC running.
#3. Set your system to update automatically. Whenever you connect to internet, it can search for the latest version and update timely.
#4. Buy a security program for your laptop. Compare with the expense that you may pay for professional; it is really worth of buying an excellent program.

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