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Should You Be Buying a Micro Laptop?

Micro laptops are the latest entrant in the highly competitive laptop market. They are filled to the gills with technology and their sizes are a dream. They are extremely compact but that in no way deters them from having everything you desire from a PC. But should you be investing your hard-earned money in buying a Mini laptop at a price that cannot be exactly considered cheap? The answer is yes if what you are looking for is a computing system that is the ultimate in portability and can be taken anywhere. It can even be fit into your purse or a small case.

Don't confuse a Mini laptop with a normal laptop or even a netbook. It is neither. Traditional laptops use a lot more power than a Micro laptop. They are also much bigger in size. Though a traditional laptop is portable, they are a bit difficult to carry everywhere because of their weight and size. Netbooks, on the other hand are pretty small but they are of much lower quality than Micro laptops. Their processors are not very fast and reliable nor do they have a lot of power. A good Mini laptop usually comes with all the trappings you can expect from a desktop PC.

A Mini laptop is something you should buy if you want a system that will enable you to surf the internet, instant message, email, do word processing, listen to music and organize your photos on the go. Most big brands have their own range of Micro laptops available.

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How to Make Your Slow Running Laptop Faster in Minutes

Wonder why your laptop runs more and more slowly? Want to speed up your laptop in minutes? Some users may ask professional to fix it. You know, the expense that it cost you can almost get you a totally new laptop! To be honest, to fix a slow running computer is not as difficult as you think and problem can be fixed once you get the proper solution for it. Here comes the questions that how to fix a slow running PC run faster easily?

Why your laptop is running slowly

#1. Redundant programs in booting items. Many users do not realize that redundant programs in booting items can also slow down your PC running.
#2. Lack of RAM on your laptop. The running of a laptop needs certain RAM and if your laptop is lack of RAM, PC will not run as fast as you wish.
#3. Do not update your system for a long time. You know that system update can perfect our computer system and enhance PC performance. If you forget to update timely, PC is surely getting slow.
#4. Without the protection of security program. Security program is necessary for maintaining your PC security. The use of it can not only make your PC run faster, but also keep it in safe.

How to fix your slow running PC easily

#1. Reduce programs that added in your booting items to as many as possible. You will be surprised by the booting performance after doing this.
#2. Add extra memory on your laptop immediately. Sufficient RAM is the guarantee of your PC running.
#3. Set your system to update automatically. Whenever you connect to internet, it can search for the latest version and update timely.
#4. Buy a security program for your laptop. Compare with the expense that you may pay for professional; it is really worth of buying an excellent program.

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PC Laptop Computer For Smart Computing

PC laptop computer has become the preference of almost all the segment of users. It has totally replaced the desktop in terms of personal usage. The fundamental of the laptop computer is to give mobile experience to the users due to lightweight and sleek model. However it is lacking on the graphical interface, but the development of modern graphic card provides wonderful substitute to fix the issue.

Before approaching for new PC laptop computer, users must take care of some qualitative features. Go through this descriptive article.

Size and weight

Size and weight are the two prime reasons, which have enhanced its portability feature. Now the user is free to do computing anywhere. This is extremely low weight format of computer to give you mobile computing experience. Hence it is a dream come true experience. Laptop computer has been classified as netbook, ultraportable, thin and light, desktop replacements and luggables.

Netbooks do not have CD/DVD drive and some ultraportable may remove them as well to save on space. Hence, if you want this feature you must carry them as additional luggage. Similarly for creating thin and light systems it is equipped with swappable media bays, which can interchange between CD/DVD and a spare battery.


Earlier the PC laptop computer was not comparable to the desktop In terms of functionality. But now with induced Dual-core processors the users are able to manage multi application with adequate speed. Not only performance it will also make battery more durable. Depending upon the requirement, the processor may vary. From economic point of view you may prefer:

· Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 and Lower
· Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 and Lower
· Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 and Lower
· Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4400 and Lower

However, if you want to dominate on performance ground with faster Internet access your Laptop computer need to be equipped with following processor:

AMD Athlon Neo MV-40
AMD Athlon Neo X2 L625
Intel Atom N270 and Higher
Intel Atom Z520 and Higher

Memory (RAM)

Memory is a significant criterion that decides the speed of any PC laptop. If we consider about the general purpose than two gigabytes should really solve the purpose. However for advance usage you may consider 4GB.

Displays and video

The display quality depends upon the screen size, video processor and resolution associated resolution power. Wide screen displays are considered the standard. The performance of the computer over 3D images depends highly on graphics and high definition video acceleration.

Some of the advanced graphic processor includes:

· NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M
· NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS
· ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870
· NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M
· NVIDIA GeForce GTX 250M


PC laptop computer has built in Fast Ethernet and Wi0Fi which provides Internet connectivity with an ease. For a netbook you may consider Ethernet with a value of 802.11b/g. Laptop computer integrated with the 802.11n draft standard is also in trend. Frequent movers are advised for built-in modem or a cellular (WWAN) card.

Battery adaptability

User should take an overview of the comparison chart for battery life of the brands and models. On an average with a batter data backup support of at least 2 hours is considered good. Do make sure that you have extra battery slots.

Considering the above parameters you can get better experience with your new PC laptop computer. You will be able to perform the desired function.

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