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Essential PC Tools For Best PC Performance

If you are planning to get software or a program for your PC or laptop, then before buying anything, get educated on the latest offerings the computer world has to offer.

Your first destination - the internet. It's filled with thousands of sites giving you the latest product reviews on anti-virus software, Password recovery programs and registry cleaners. Reading PC tools review gives you a broader outlook on the product in terms of the pros and cons, the benefits, the specifications, compatibility as well as the requirements needed to install the program or software into your PC or laptop. By reading the reviews, you can better assess your computer's needs as well as your preferences on certain software. Different programs have more or less the same capabilities but with added benefits and features such as an easy user interface, affordability, warranty and so on.

For instance, if you were planning to get a password recovery program, then just do a quick research on the net regarding password recovery programs. There are several programs that cater to password recovery of only certain programs. For instance, if you want a Windows recovery password, then you an opt for programs that are specifically designed to recover your Windows user ID such as Windows Key that easily and quickly resets your Windows login passwords in a few minutes without the need of reinstalling the system, which is probably the last thing any users would want to do. For a more complete solution to password recovery, you can choose to use Passware Kit Enterprise that enables the Windows password recovery for over 100 document types.

Find out essential PC tools that you need to use in order to make sure your PC is running in perfect condition.

You don't have to worry losing your password when you're using password recovery to keep track of your confidential information.

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The Best Sony Mini Laptop

With this months release of the new Sony VAIO mini laptop - the P series (P for Portable) "lifestyle PC" - a stunning 8 inch masterpiece weighing 638g and sporting Windows Vista, 3G Mobile Broadband, inbuilt GPS and features from Sony's other ranges, it raises the question - what is the best Sony VAIO mini laptop?

Essentially there are 3 main contenders:

-Sony VAIO P Series - New "Lifestyle PC"
-Sony VAIO TT Series - The smallest blu-ray notebook
-Sony VAIO SR Series - Award winning laptop computer

Straight away each of them has problems. The P series whilst incredibly small and light, lacks an optical disc drive (that is you CD/DVD-ROM), fast dual-core processor and the screen, whilst good in its class is still limiting. The SR series is a fully fledged 13.3" notebook computer and lacks the portability of the other two models - weighing 3 times as much as the VAIO P series!

The TT itself lacking size could also be a negative for some. The keyboard, whilst a far cry from that of a 7 inch netbook, lacks the size and spacing of a larger notebook or desktop computer. Sony however make an effort spacing out the keys.

The SR series, whilst good in its own field as a notebook simply cannot compete with the portable mini laptops like the VAIO TT and P series. There are also better computers in its size and price category which are handier like the MacBook Air.

So between the former two models, which is best?

The VAIO TT Series is the more complete model. It is a notebook that has been shrunk down to almost netbook sized proportions with an 11.1" screen and weighing only 1.19kg - very similar to 10 inch netbooks. Inside it has a dual core processor, which is more capable than the Intel Atom and although it is less efficient, the VAIO TT's massive battery more than compensates giving out up to 9 hours of battery life - enough for a full days work. Unlike the P series, it has an optical disc drive - which Sony boasts, makes it the worlds "smallest blu-ray notebook."

The VAIO P series' strength lies in its name - P for Portable mini laptop. Sony says it is about the size of a large office envelope, allowing it to neatly fit in a jacket pocket or briefcase. It nearly weighs half the weight of the VAIO TT (as we've already noted, is pretty trim for it's class), yet it can still fit in an 8" screen with 1600x768 resolution (compared to 1024x600 for your everyday netbook), up to 128GB of Solid State Storage and inbuilt GPS.

The two models do have similarities; they both run on Windows Vista, share trademark Sony features like Motion Eye webcam and graphics engine used on the Sony Bravia HD-ready television range.

Ultimately however it depends on personal preference - which is why we want YOUR opinion.


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Sony VAIO VGN-P530H-Q Lifestyle PC (Mini Laptop)

At the risk of sounding shallow and superficial, I confess that I'm one of those that may purchase a laptop purely based on its good looks. In the past decade, manufacturers like Apple and Sony have placed great emphasis on producing beautiful laptops. My job requires me to carry my laptop with me wherever I go so I have decided to get my self a mini laptop or netbook. If I am to carry a laptop with me wherever I go, it might as well look good, so I have purchased the super sleek Sony VAIO VGN-P530H/Q Lifestyle PC (black).

The Sony VAIO VGN-P530H/Q Lifestyle PC is thinner than most netbooks in the market. In fact, it is as thin as a mobile phone. One of my favorite features of this model is its sleek design. It is more rectangular than other netbooks in the market, measuring at 9.7 inches long and 4.8 inches wide. It weighs at just 1.4 pounds making it a truly portable mini laptop.

The Sony VAIO GN-P530H/Q Lifestyle PC is not all good looks and no substance. Hidden behind its beautiful design is a feature packed mini laptop. This netbook is also a GPS navigator. You can use this notebook to navigate and find directions even without an internet connection (in the USA and Canada). By using the GPS function you can find directions and navigate to your desired location within the 50 miles radios from where you are.

Instead of your regular LCD display, this model comes with a 1600 x 768 resolution that runs on Xbrite-eco technology with LEC back lights. The keyboard's design is pretty refreshing as it is usually a challenge to do any heavy word processing on a netbook's keyboard. The shift keys are very strategically located and typing on this Sony netbook feels very much like typing on a regular keyboard. It is powered by a 1.3Ghz Intel processor and comes with 2GB of RAM. It also comes with a 60GB ATA hard drive.

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Getting Free TV On My PC Or Laptop

It seems that everyone nowadays has, or at least is talking about getting free TV on their PC or laptop. Certainly there are definite advantages in doing this.

If you get it on your laptop, for example, you've instantly got a portable TV. Invaluable for when you're on holiday or business trips. If you have it on your PC, you've got instant private and personal viewing for when you want to watch something different from the rest of the family. Or for when you want to watch some adult shows.

So, in order to get free TV on your PC or laptop, you'll need a few pointers.

Firstly, there's free & there's free!

There are some online software downloads out there offered for free. But please do be aware that the quality is very poor. From experience, they tend to go for quantity rather than quality. The usually offer somewhere over 10,000 channels but once you get them, they're practically indecipherable.

The reputable software obviously comes from reputable companies.

Once you have purchased the software, there are no further costs. No installations fee, no monthly subscriptions and even if you want to add extra channels at a late date, there's still no further cost. The software retails at no more than $50. Affordable by most families. For this you will receive good quality and sound on over 3000 channels from over 70 countries from around the world.

The software is easy to install and use. The programmes come to your screen via live video streaming. Just select what you want to watch and then your screen will refresh, broadcasting your choice of viewing.

It really is at easy as that.

Obviously, once you've purchased your cheap software you've got what'll seem like free TV on your PC or laptop for ever and a day.

To save you shopping around for the best deals, I've done it for you. Visit my website to see what you're missing

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How To Watch Cheap Cable TV On PC Or Laptop

There are many ways to watch cheap cable tv but this article will focus on a low-cost method to watch live cable channels on PC or laptop. This can be achieved by using satellite tv software.

Why watch live television on PC or laptop using software instead of LCD tv? Firstly, there is no need for expensive satellite dish or cable setup box equipment and no need to spend hours setting them up. Once the software is installed, you can start to enjoy live television. What you need is only a broadband connection. Secondly, cable/satellite television companies typically charge a monthly subscription fee for the service. They may provide the equipment and setup for free but customers will have to commit to the service for a period of at least a year. On the other hand, once you purchase the satellite tv software, you can use it to stream live tv channels for free, for life. This is not just cheap cable tv, it is almost free. No monthly charge, no pay per view fees.

When you subscribe to cable television service, you can only enjoy the service at home. However, with the use of software, you can in fact use it anywhere in the world by installing it onto your laptop and stream cable channels through WIFI connection.

Even the best of cable programme packages will offer no more than 500 channels. Satellite tv software can offer up to 3000 channels world wide in different languages.

If you want to go for this method to watch cheap cable tv and enjoy live tv on your LCD TV at the same time, you can always hook your PC or laptop up to the LCD tv using VGA cable.

Finally, a good software will cost you no more than $50.

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George Tho is a webmaster and a tv addict. Read his review on a satellite tv software and start watching cheap cable tv at

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Free Satellite Television On Your PC Or Laptop - How To Secure Quality Internet Television Software

Current info about Internet television software for free satellite television on your PC or Laptop may seem unbelievable, but the truth is that the phenomenon is quite true and being used by a lot of television lovers to watch thousands of satellite television from all over the world for free.

However, all the information making the rounds online about the latest Internet television software for thousands of free satellite television on your PC or Laptop, as should be expected, includes false information put out by plain crooks to rip you off.

Think about what you've read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Internet television software for thousands of free satellite television on your PC or Laptop? Or was there something completely new? How do you intend to make sure that you get only the best of Internet television software out there?

Friend, the only way to be confident that you are buying a quality Internet television software or any software is not by you becoming an expert on Internet television software for thousands of free satellite television on your PC or Laptop, the easiest way to be sure is to buy through a reputable merchant such as Clickbank, because reputable companies first approve of the products they sell to the Internet public. .

The worst mistake to make when buying software products online is to buy directly from software owners who have no demo versions for trials. You should have some kind of prove, and like I already said, reputable merchants do not accept products that has not been tested and found good enough to be displayed and sold to the Internet public.

Watch Over 3000 TV STATIONS on your PC or Laptop for free!! or Free Internet Television Offer Blog So You too can enjoy all the benefits of Internet television. The world really is at your fingertips now, as you discover a new hassle-free way of watching over 3000 television stations from all over the world. Can you beat that? Over 3000 STATIONS on your PC or Laptop for free!!

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How To Receive Live Satellite Feed On PC or Laptop

Looking for ways to watch live satellite feed on your PC or laptop? Traditionally, people make use of hardware known as PCTV cards. However, there is a revolutionary alternative to that now. It comes in the form of software that enables PC or laptops to stream live satellite feed with the use of broadband network.

Why use software instead of PCTV cards? Well, one very obvious reason is that it will eliminate the need to open the computer and install the card inside. Although PCTV cards do come in the form of external USB device, you still have a hardware sitting on your desk. Also these cards will easily set you back by more than $50, not taking into consideration the time and effort in setting them up. The exciting thing about using this software is that since it is making use of the internet as the medium for live video feeds, a WIFI connection will work just fine with the software. What this means is that you can be sitting in a cafe watching live football or your favorite serials. You can get live satellite feed anywhere.

The software basically connects to the service provider and stream live satellite feed right to your desktop or laptop. This is not the typical episode downloads that you see online but the feeds are live. A good software like that will offer thousands of live channels in different languages for you to choose from. The best thing I like about this software is that you do not have to pay any monthly subscription to use it. Once the software is purchased, it entitles the user to live satellite feed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as you like, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

Here are the summary of things to note before you buy satellite tv software:

1. It should come with a one-time fee. You only pay for the software and that's it.

2. A good software will offer more than 3000 channels worldwide for your viewing pleasure.

3. It should not cost more than $50.

4. Make sure that it supports your desktop or laptop's operation system (Windows XP, Vista, Mac, etc)

5. Read review about the software to have a better idea of what you are getting.

George Tho is a webmaster and a tv addict. Read his review on how to receive live satellite feed on pc or laptop and start enjoying thousands of satellite channels at

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What a Designer Should Know When Buying a Desktop PC Or Laptop

First of all, the important differences between a desktop and a laptop are the appearance, mobility, upgrade ability, user friendliness and price. A laptop with the same specifications as a desktop is likely more expensive. And in general, people find it more convenient to work behind a desktop than laptop.

So it depends on your purpose and personal preference whether you want to buy a desktop or laptop.

There are a few things you should know about specifications that influence the performance of your 2D graphic or 3D CAD software. For most designers it is important that they can create and manipulate graphics or 3D model renderings as fast as possible.

Processor (CPU)

A more powerful CPU means faster rendering times. Dual and Quad Core processors will drastically improve rendering performance on software that supports multiple cores.

Memory (RAM)

Get enough RAM. More RAM means more displacement/ file textures/ proxies etc you can cope with. 4Gb RAM is usual nowadays, but if you are low in budget then 2Gb RAM is not too bad. If you work a lot with big file sizes like large images in Photoshop or complicated 3D models in CAD software, or if you like to run several applications at the same time, then RAM is really important to make your applications run stable.

It is important to note that 32 bit operating systems can only handle a maximum of 4 gigabytes of total system ram. This means if you plan on working with large amounts of data, you should opt for a 64-bit operating system

Photoshop Tip: For better performance, you can increase the memory usage through the 'Performance' settings by going into the 'Preferences' menu. Don't allocate too much RAM to Photoshop because your operating system still needs RAM.

Graphics Card

A more powerful graphics card results in more smoother (higher FPS rate) real time view ports renderings. Always choose a laptop with a dedicated graphics card, which result in better performance in general. On-board graphic cards tend to have unacceptable performance or are not compatible with many modern pieces of software. Many machines will come with a consumer grade Nvidia Geforce or AMD Radeon chipset. These dedicated chipsets will provide better performance, but may not be compatible with all features of software. An Nvidia Quadro or AMD FireGL workstation class graphics card will provide maximum compatibility with all modern 3D software, and will provide maximum performance in any real time rendering applications. Always remember to properly install and update your graphics drivers to improve performance and resolve possible bugs.

If purchasing a desktop with plans to upgrade the video, keep in mind that you will need an open PCI-Express 16x slot, as well as a power supply that is capable of properly powering your graphics card
Hard Drive

A faster hard drive (7,200 to 10,000 RPM) will improve overall system performance, especially for large video or image editing. Solid State disks while still low in capacity and high in price can provide an extremely fast drive for storing operating system and program files, when coupled with a standard hard drive for data storage.


Furthermore, a high resolution display, or dual monitors are excellent ways to boost productivity. Running dual monitors allows you to easily drag and drop between multiple applications (moving images from Photohsop to Indesign) or allow for a dedicated 3D modeling window while storing menus and other information on the second screen. In most cases 2 smaller monitors provide more overall screen real estate at a lower price then a single large screen. For example two 20" monitors can be purchased for less then many 24" monitors.

Please note that your system is a set of interacting parts. In other words, do not spend all your money on CPU only without having enough RAM, which will become a bottleneck.

How to Choose a Tablet Laptop or Computer

A tablet PC is a mobile computer with touchscreen or digitizing technology. Forgoing the usual keyboard and mouse, a tablet PC makes use of a special stylus, tablet pen, or even just your fingertips for navigation.

Works like a real notebook. A good tablet PC allows users to take notes the old fashion way – it literally looks and feels like a real notebook. With it, you can personalize an email, power point presentation, designs and illustration with your own handwritten markings or drawings. And thanks to its handwriting recognition function, a tablet PC can also transform your chicken scratch penmanship into a coherent digital text for a more professional and organized presentation.

Types of tablet PCs. It’s easy to choose a tablet PC – just decide on how mobile you want your tablet to be. A convertible tablet PC comes with a keyboard and touch pad aside from its functional touchscreen, much like the regular laptop. A slate tablet PC, in contrast, is a lot smaller and portable since it does not include a keyboard. It is more commonly used as a personal data assistant (PDA). A hybrid tablet PC is basically a slate type that allows you to attach a separate keyboard.

Choosing your tablet. When choosing your desired tablet PC, it is important to take note of functionality and security. An ideal tablet PC has a gesture recognition functionality that enables you to program your computer according to your specifications. As with all PC products, security should also be a priority, so you should choose a password protected and file encrypted tablet PC.

Buying information

A complete GUIDE TO TABLET PC is available in Picky Guide, one of the fastest growing online magazines giving free consumer advice and product information.

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How to Get the Maximum Speed of Your PC Or Laptop

A PC or a laptop may take ages to respond to any command you feed into it. This is called performance. Your PC or laptop may take too long to load the information you need urgently. Sometimes it will crush when performing light tasks. You might have realized that the speed of your PC or lap top keeps on going down. Unlike when it was new when its speed was fastest, now it seems to work in slow motion. This is annoying and probably you are asking yourself what the problem is. Well look no further, the problem is with the registry.

Registry refers to the database where all the information pertaining to the PC or laptop is stored. Whenever new installations are made to the PC or laptop, a new key comes along. This key is added to the many other keys in the registry. The PC or laptop will require this key so that it can load, recognize and run the new software that you have installed. Therefore, every time the PC or laptop is started the registry settings have to be loaded for all the programs that is has. Registry issues come in here. Due to the many installations made which are uninstalled now and then, the settings in the PC registry are altered. This brings about a reduction in the speed of your PC or laptop. You need the best registry cleaner to clean it up.

The best registry cleaner will remove any registry keys that have been left because of any program that is uninstalled. Consequently, these keys accumulate to form clutter. This clutter is not valid. It is corrupted and cannot be recognized by the registry. There is in existence the best registry cleaner software in the market today. For you to increase the speed of your PC or laptop is advisable to consider them. The best among the software is called registry easy. It is known to do a good job for your PC or laptop.

The problems with the PC or laptop are spread all over the computer system. First there is need to identify these locations. Registry easy comes with a free scanner that scans for these invalid entries. The scanner will identify the exact location of the entries and the danger they may cause your PC. This award-winning cleaner has an algorithm. The algorithm has a detector of high performance. It will detect the invalid entries quickly and the errors that may exist in your PC. All the errors and invalid entries are presented in the form of a list. From here, you can choose or select the lists that you want to clean up. Registry easy the best registry will automatically do the clean up. Your PC does not have to be a bother anymore. Again, you do not have to buy a new PC or laptop. Use registry easy the best registry cleaner and regain the speed that you require.