Friday, June 19, 2009

How to Choose a Tablet Laptop or Computer

A tablet PC is a mobile computer with touchscreen or digitizing technology. Forgoing the usual keyboard and mouse, a tablet PC makes use of a special stylus, tablet pen, or even just your fingertips for navigation.

Works like a real notebook. A good tablet PC allows users to take notes the old fashion way – it literally looks and feels like a real notebook. With it, you can personalize an email, power point presentation, designs and illustration with your own handwritten markings or drawings. And thanks to its handwriting recognition function, a tablet PC can also transform your chicken scratch penmanship into a coherent digital text for a more professional and organized presentation.

Types of tablet PCs. It’s easy to choose a tablet PC – just decide on how mobile you want your tablet to be. A convertible tablet PC comes with a keyboard and touch pad aside from its functional touchscreen, much like the regular laptop. A slate tablet PC, in contrast, is a lot smaller and portable since it does not include a keyboard. It is more commonly used as a personal data assistant (PDA). A hybrid tablet PC is basically a slate type that allows you to attach a separate keyboard.

Choosing your tablet. When choosing your desired tablet PC, it is important to take note of functionality and security. An ideal tablet PC has a gesture recognition functionality that enables you to program your computer according to your specifications. As with all PC products, security should also be a priority, so you should choose a password protected and file encrypted tablet PC.

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