Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Reasons to Download Satellite TV to Watch on Pc or Laptop

1. Easy to download software

To download satellite TV to watch on your PC or laptop usually takes you 2 minutes. The softwares are available on the internet at a small start up cost worth the cost of a few movie tickets. Once you have checked out on the software package, your PC or laptop monitor will automatically be programmed to start receiving video and picture streaming.

2. Wide variety of TV channels

You will be able to watch satellite TV channels in excess of 3000 upon download. Some of the programs that you get to watch include sport TV, news, discovery channel, documentaries, shopping channels and other never seen before home video and extreme sports. TV programming that will be broadcast on your PC monitor is worldwide and in different languages like Indian movies, Italian movies, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Urdu, Farsi, African, Chinese among others.

3. No monthly subscription fees

With the PC satellite TV softwares, you will save on the monthly charges of satellite and cable TV. The TV programming presented in your PC is from Free-To-Air channels and you are not expected to pay for that.

4. No expensive installation costs

Satellite TV on your PC softwares enable you to watch television without the need to install expensive equipment like cable or dish satellite TV. All you need to access TV online is an internet connection to your PC. This could be as wireless or DSL fiber optic internet connection.

5. It is a portable TV service online

The online TV channels can be watched from any location world wide. The requirement for internet TV is only to be connected to the internet and a start up software. You will therefore be able to watch TV on your laptop while on travel, at work in remote places and even when camping with kids over the weekend.

6. Internet Satellite TV offers you privacy

TV through the internet also offers you a way to watch free satellite TV in the privacy of your PC. This is handy since you can be able to access any station that you may otherwise not watch in the company of family members be it adult TV channels on PC, cartoons, or rough sport, traditional raw Thailand kickboxing and all.

7. Online satellite TV is 100% legal

Online TV on your PC monitor is a 100% legal through watching the FTA TV and a variety of other international TV. You will therefore not have to worry about watching illegal TV. Since this is a collection of Free to Air TV channels, you will have no concern about its legality. I wouldn’t go for those illegal HBO connections if I were you. Word has it that these companies are now going after individuals watching illegal TV.

8. Free satellite tuner station on your PC

The satellite TV download software also comes with over 1000 radio stations. It is possible to listen to latest music from your PC with these softwares. These radio stations are also combined from global radio stations and music is available in languages like Indian movies, Italian movies, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Urdu, Farsi, African and Chinese among others.

9. The software has no commercials, adware or spy ware in it.

Unlike many other softwares that will keep on bugging you to buy this or the other stuff, the satellite TV software is free from annoying adware. You will therefore not have to constantly be canceling prompts to buy this or the other stuff online.

10. Digital DVD quality online TV channels

These softwares offer you high quality picture and sound of internet TV. The quality of pictures is high due to the fact that it is transmitted as satellite digital signal as opposed to cable’s analogue transmission which is not very clear.

There is software called the PC 2007 Elite Edition that I Have personally tested and found to have amazingly good quality pictures. The software offers over 3000 TV channels and lets you watch satellite TV 2 minutes flat. You will have to click on the link at the author’s box below to sample and see some latest movie trailers as seen on satellite TV on your PC.

This is a good example of a pc TV software that I found highly recommended by most online reviews: WWWTV

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