Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Should you Buy a Desktop Pc or Laptop

You really have no choice except of a notebook computer
if your job or lifestyle needs plenty of travel every year. Your own notebook computer will help you a lot when you are out of your home or office.

Now-a-days, you can get laptops as powerful as desktop PCs. Laptops are available with high-resolution graphics, CD/DVD recording, large hard drives and even with more features.

However, if you're sitting on the fence and portability is not required as much, go on buying desktop computer with considering the following reasons:

Desktops are more expendable than laptops: - Desktop computers are quite plain easier to expand and upgrade (using USB and FireWire ports), especially the processor and your graphic card, though you can hang plenty of peripherals off a modern laptop.

Desktops are cheaper than laptops: - Desktop computer is even cheaper than a notebook, so if you don’t need it why you are paying so much. Jump to the desktop side of the fence which costs less and suitable for you.

Laptops repairing cost is much more than desktops: - For example, if your sound card fails with any reason you can easily replace it with any inexpensive adapter card. However, when your laptop creates such problem of sound hardware, you must pull out your wallet because you will not be able to fix it yourself, and the whole motherboard inside the unit will must be replaced.

Here we also figure out how to buy these once you made the decision?

Processor: - if you intend that you will use your machine for standard office tasks and internet browsing, does not matter it will do any processor. But if you are a heavy gamer or you need much more power the Intel Core 2 Duo chip is the better one then.

Memory: - As much memory your PC has installed, you would be able to run as much application at once. Upgrading memory in a desktop after you buy the PC is a snap, but actually its good to buy the amount of memory you like preinstalled with the machine.

Motherboards: - A new motherboard would deliver you smooth new technologies that you are missing right now. It would be faster, would be has Second-generation SATA connections, high-definition audio and even a Dual-card graphic. You should keep in mind to check either the motherboard you are buying has two or one USB ports in fronts or not, because of to plug in your USB memory drive and digital audio player etc.

Graphics: - Before going for shopping make sure what kind of Card will work suite in your PC. If you are a serious gamer and can pay as much go on dual-graphics-card. There are two types of cards, the one is removable from the board and the other is permanently soldered on the board. However we would recommend a discrete graphics board for gaming and an integrated graphics for other use.

Sound Card: - for office use you should buy an integrated sound card for your PC, but if you want to use the PC in your home then a dedicated sound card would be the better choice.

Hard Drive: - Its totally depends on you, if you plan on large amount of data, such digital images or multimedia files on your pc, Large capacity hard drive, opportunity to save more data. For normal use simply buy 40 or 80 GB that most of business users use these days.

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