Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best Firewall for Your Laptop

While you are thinking anything for you laptop you must be highly sensitive towards it. Being the most sophisticated machine any minor harm can lead to a big trouble for you. And if it is out of warranty period then it is gone. So always keep a good eye on your laptop. Now having the best firewall especially for you laptop is a tough one to be carried about. As being the portable machines it comes in the interference of many networks and depending upon your usage you always try to change the network so in order to have a full protection from the hacker as well as much harmful script which comes to your laptop while being online one must have a good firewall installed on your Laptop. So be very careful while you are using different networks to connect yourself to the internet.

The other thing you can do is to have a nice firewall installed on your Laptop which continuously monitors your outgoing and incoming packets on the network and warns you for every suspicious bit transferred from your laptop in or out of the system. There are many of them available from freeware to shareware. The most popular among the Freeware category is the Comodo Firewall which has the largest efficiency of blocking all the suspicious traffic from the system.

In fact many of the freeware as we know are buggy but Comodo has excelled for those. Also many of the Antivirus software also come with firewall preinstalled in them but they are not very much efficient enough to stop the suspicious script. So always try to have a good Firewall along with good Antivirus software installed on your Laptop so as to make your Laptop free from any hacker attack.

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